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Making Our Body Feel "Safe"

We cannot starve/exercise/punish our body into making sustainable changes...

Before making any drastic nutritional changes, we must lay the framework for the body to feel safe. Ever wondered why continuing to drop calories has resulted in a halt in weight loss? The body will only give up mass if we create favorable conditions for it to feel safe and secure. Taking away food or eating more food than we are used to (dieting or massing) is a stressor on the body, just like working out or working on a huge project at work. If we continue to drop calories in an attempt to keep losing mass, the body will not keep up. The body wants to make sure all of your organs stay functioning and if it gives away mass willy-nilly, then there might be some dangerous circumstances in the long run. Body doesn’t feel safe? Body will not give up the mass helping it to survive its stressful circumstances.

Stay tuned for future posts on how to get your body to feel “safe!”

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