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Meet me, Kimberly Zehnder

Hi there!

I'm Kimberly Zehnder and I am passionate about nutrition education and empowering individuals to find freedom from food. 

I grew up playing every sport under the sun + excelling in academics, but had a flawed relationship with food that led to a long struggle with anxiety, depression, and anorexia. 

After entering recovery for my eating disorder, I began to encourage others to challenge their mindset around society's obsession with "good vs. bad" foods, chronic overexercising + under-eating, and the concept of "health" as it pertains to food. 


Recovering from my eating disorder allowed me to:

-no longer fear foods + have food as an obsessive center thought

-break my emotional attachment to food

-appreciate + love my body for what it could accomplish rather than how it appeared physically


Recovery also gave me the opportunity to:

-swim at the D1 collegiate level

-sing on a show called The Voice

-share my story with others on The Katie Couric Show w/ Demi Lovato

-continue to educate + support individuals along their path of E.D. recovery

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