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1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching
with Kate Lyman Nutrition

What's Included:
-Individualized, personalized nutrition program tailored to your goals
-weekly check in's
-24/6 messaging capability 
-Free documents to help with meal planning, meal prep, and food logging (situation-based)


You are not a generalization nor are you a template.

Every detail of your nutrition plan is tailored to your individual lifestyle, goals, and nutritional needs.

From your initial consult call to your own biofeedback spreadsheet to your weekly check in's-everything is tailored to YOU.

Your individualized nutrition plan includes weekly email check-in's as well as monthly phone call check in's to ensure adherence, communication, and confidence in your actions. 


Food makes up 1% of nutrition. The other 99% comes from your biofeedback factors (sleep, stress, mood, recovery, hunger levels, among others). Learn how your own biofeedback factors are hindering/helping you reach your nutrition goals. 


Try a diet. See success. Diet falls apart due to traveling/stress/kids birthday parties. You slowly creep back towards ineffective food habits pre-diet.

Rinse + repeat. 

Does this sound like you?

If your daily nutrition choices + lifestyle habits are not sustainable...then what is the point?

Save yourself precious time + money and find what truly works for YOU, no matter the circumstances.

Lasts Forever

No more endlessly searching the Google machine for diet advice.

No more body insecurity.

No more stress surrounding food.

Truly understand your body + the reasons behind why your food choices matter.

Interested in working with me? 

Eating Disorder Recovery Nutrition

The easiest part of recovery is accepting recovery into your life. The hardest part of recovery is maintaining that status.

Everyday is not perfect, but everyday is a chance to keep a positive average. Every moment is a moment to choose oneself over their eating disorder.


With my help, I empower individuals to take the power away from food and place the power back into their body + their choices. I believe in a science-based approach that teaches the "why" behind macronutrients + micronutrients while also de-bunking food/diet myths that often challenge the recovery mindset. 

Having a nutritionist that has struggled with an eating disorder, been in both inpatient + outpatient treatment, and completely recovered from said eating disorder develops a whole new level of trust + compassion between clients + myself.

What's Included:
-free initial consult call
-Individualized, personalized nutrition + Mindset check in program tailored to your goals
-weekly 30 minute virtual sessions 
-Free documents to help with meal planning, meal prep, and food logging (situation-based)

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