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Can I Control How Much Weight My Body Gains/Loses?

The simple answer is no, like most physiological processes, we do not have control of how our body stores or drops mass of any kind. Weight fluctuations happen from hour to hour and from day to day, which is why our ole’ friend the scale is not a reliable source of progress. On average, our weight will fluctuate 4-8lbs throughout the day due to factors like: water retention/loss, bowel movements, stress, inflammation, hours slept, and sodium intake, amongst many others. Not to mention, we wake up from sleep in an empty-belly, fasted state and gradually fill that belly with food + drink throughout the day. Food + drink have weight that will show on the scale, along with your own body weight. We recommend tracking physical progress with photos, as photos allow us to virtually see fluid + mass loss/gain while also allowing us to desensitize ourselves to our own image. Feel free to toss out your scale and begin using a more reliable form of progress.

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