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Good vs. Bad Foods 😇😡

No, you did not eat “bad” today... nor did you eat “good.” How? Because there are no good nor bad foods. All food is made up of calories, calories give us energy, so all food provides us with some amount of energy. Demonizing food as “bad” or praising food as “good” skews us into a battle of constant punishment + reward. Instead of thinking of food as good or bad, think about all foods containing varying amounts of nutrients. Generally, we think of foods in terms of their macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and protein. When we take the macronutrient breakdown of a doughnut, we learn that a doughnut is simply a source of carbohydrates + fats with little protein. Are carbohydrates + fats bad? No! They are different forms of energy with varying roles inside our body. The next time you try to label your salad as “good” or your cookie as “bad,” we encourage you to reframe your mindset and see what nourishment that salad or cookie is providing.

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